NANO2 Application

Zeroing and correction adjustment are not required if a user reinstalls the device to the other rifles including a scope adaptor change.

NANO2 proven performance is not limited by a rifle gauge and type. Despite continuous running of a rechargeable battery, the device features hot swapping of the quick-detachable rechargeable battery. NANO2 changes over to a redundant (built-in) power unit during the procedure without shutting down.

Having a high performance processor and various sensors comprised (including a shot sensor), NANO2 can automatically record a video of hunting events. The user can also enable pre-event – event – post-event video recording manually. A GPS unit, a magnetic compass, and electronic maps make easy searching of a shot trophy or a place where an animal has been wounded in order to find it later.

The NANO2 integrated ballistic calculator and a target range and wind parameter input feature (including automatic input) serve for high-precision shooting of small targets at relatively long ranges.

The NANO2 surveillance mode featured with image stabilization and digital zoom provides for a comfortable target detection and observation. Then the user can install the device to the scope in a quick and noise-free manner in order to make an effective and precise shot. The scope optical magnification ranges to hit record values of х1÷х12 in the comfortable observation conditions. Video transmission via Wi-Fi including shooting alive streaming optimizes hunting and training procedures. Both the NANO2 and its thermal core firmwares can be updated remotely that secures the user with a continuous upgrade oriented to extend and improve the device’s features as well as its thermal image enhancement.

NANO2 is not merely a high-precision thermal clip-on but also an intelligent multifunctional device that extends and ensures growth of opportunities of a modern hunter.

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Distinctive features:

Distinctive features:
  1. Unparalled light weight and small dimensions;
  2. Risk-free installation to scope lenses remains fore-end mounting still available (for tactical rifles);
  3. No need for zeroing and correction adjustment in case of scope, mount, and rifle changing-over;
  4. Record wide range of scope «comfort magnification» values (х1÷х12);
  5. An innovative athermal lens eliminates manual focus adjustment within the -40 ÷ +60°С temperature range;
  6. A real-time operating system ensures running of existing and upcoming applications (Smartphone approach);
  7. Hot swapped rechargeable battery and clip-on built-in power unit;
  8. Pre-event – event – post-event automatic recording;
  9. Live video and video files transmission via Wi-Fi to smartphones and PCs;
  10. Integrated GPS, compass, gyroscope, and e-maps serve to run the «Target Search-Driven Navigation» and «Fail-Safe Shot Forecast» applications;
  11. Remote software upgrade of the device and a thermal core as well;
  12. The «2 in 1» concept of switching to the Surveillance Device mode with image stabilization;
  13. Built-in professional ballistic calculator oriented to small target high-precision shooting takes into account all weather and landscape information and provides for remote inputting of target range, azimuth, and wind speed data by control buttons, as well as receiving them via Bluetooth from rangefinders and weather stations;
  14. NANO2 is compatible with the company’s micro-rangefinders that can measure an up to 1.5 km distance including through bushes and can operate in a fog;
  15. The aforementioned innovative correction automatic input to the NANO2 image serves for shooting with the reticle center of the rifle scope at any distance;
  16. Eight ballistic profiles ensure the calculator’s initial data change-over when reinstalling the device to rifles with different ballistic data ammo.
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